A Pain In The Mouth

Some pains are easy to handle and others are really a pain.  For me, that unbearable pain is a toothache.  I put that right up there with back pain because so many toothaches can lead to migraine like headaches which minimizes your desire to move around. They make it hard to enjoy your favorite meal. It’s not something you can wait around with or ignore hoping it will go away.

Yet, we always procrastinate with dental issues like now isn’t the right time to have this problem. Even if I could pick the day and time to have a toothache, I’d still find a way to put it off until tomorrow.  So until tomorrow comes, here a few tricks I have up my sleeve to delay the inevitable dentist visit.

Bone Broth Protein
Why save the best for last?  This has just recently become one of my favorite supplements.

My trainer put me on 150-200 grams of protein daily and I was having a time getting that much protein in. One day I noticed when I missed my protein too many times I’d get a toothache that would go away after I got back on track. Not only did the brone broth protein help me recover faster from my workouts but it helped my teeth recover from unwanted pain too.  Now that’s a supplement I can really appreciate and I can make it myself (even better).

Clove Oil
Since it sounds like you can’t get the tooth looked at just yet, I’m sure you’re looking for some immediate pain relief.  This essential oil should get the job done in little to no time but only for a short while.

Colloidal Silver
Let’s face it. You have a dirty mouth. Now you can wash it out with soap (just kidding) or colloidal silver. Swish this around in your mouth at least 6 minutes a few times a day especially in the morning. Don’t swallow it because it could be loaded with germs. It wouldn’t hurt to take some internally.

There you have it!  Hopefully this will buy you some time but mostly make you feel better. Let me know how it works for you. It’s helped me out every time.